Registration & Admissions
How To Apply
NOTE: When applying for entry into a class other than Prep 1, please submit photocopies of the last two term’s school reports. For an application to be considered, the following documents are required:


An application fee - $200.00;
Application link completed and submitted;
Medical History and Immunisation Form;
Pre-school Report (link to be completed by the Principal of applicant’s pre-school);
Copy of Birth Certificate (Electronic if born in Trinidad & Tobago);
Copy of Baptismal Certificate;
Register Now
apply online
An online application must be completed and submitted via the link below no later than January 31, of the year for which entry is sought in September.
set date of the interview
As soon as possible, parents will be notified by phone of the date of the interview. Potential Prep 1 students and parents are interviewed by February 28th.
conduct interview
At this appointment an independent interview will be conducted with each prospective student by a teacher of the school. Children are assessed for social, emotional and academic readiness for primary school. Information about BAJS will be shared with parents in a separate concurrent meeting.
receive interview feedback
Notification as to the status of the Prep 1 application will be emailed within one week.
pay fees
A non-refundable capital fee of $4,000.00 becomes due within two (2) weeks of acceptance for students of Prep 1.
submit queries
Any queries about the application process should be addressed to the Enrolment team.
On acceptance, the following must be signed and/or submitted:


Non Refundable Capital Fee Form;
Consent for Over the Counter Medication;
Picture Release Form for Media Recording;
Two (2) passport photographs;
If the student is not a national of Trinidad and Tobago and is not eligible for dual citizenship, a Student Permit must be obtained from the Ministry of National Security before being admitted into the school. This student permit must be renewed following the requirements of the Ministry of National Security.