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Don't Take Our Word For It...
We believe school is about much more than meeting targets. It’s about developing children during their most formative years – inspiring them to discover their passions and helping them connect with the world around them; giving them the confidence to make friends, while learning how to respect themselves and others.

We believe Bishop Anstey Junior School is special, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some comments from parents past and present and members of the community…

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Jenny Smart [PARENT]

BAJS IS A FAMILY. BAJS is the village that raises the whole child as the villagers continue to evolve. They are true to the school’s vision in all aspects of delivery. As with all households and villages, there are difficult moments and these moments are overcome with care, understanding, love and corrective spirits.

Larissa Chong [PARENT]

I am very impressed by the level of professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm shown by the faculty of BAJS, not just during the pandemic, but also with the transition to physical school for the students. I applaud all the efforts made by the faculty to foster open, honest and respectful communication amongst all involved and I also appreciate the efforts made to continue with the online classroom platform instead of discarding it as so many other learning institutions did with the return of physical school.

Ria Julian [PARENT]

I love the strong family value system, where spirituality and the overall child is developed. You feel like you're part of a family and you're supported at all levels. The level of passion from the entire staff is immeasurable, I will highly recommend to every parent to enrol their children at BAJS.

Sherleen Young-Griffith [PARENT]

Now more than ever, BAJS ability to convert to online school when the pandemic hit and the fact that even though virtual school is over, a full online option is available. This makes it easy if the child is sick or the family has to travel.

Teshea Lloyd [PARENT]

Very organized, communication lines are 100% open, teachers communicate directly with parents openly, principal very hands on, parents feel at peace knowing the school is very secure, emphasis is placed on a more holistic learning method vs. Academics only.