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Flavorite Peppy Spelling Bee

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anya and che


Congratulations to  CHE MENDEZ , of form 3J,  who placed 3rd in his age group in the Port of Spain segment of the Flavorite PEPPY”S SPELLING BEE,  held on Wednesday 15th October. Also to ANYA LEE BIDAISEE,  of 3H who beat her classmates for a chance to compete. Both competitors said the experience was fantastic and were excited about competing in front of 500 people.  Well done kids! We are very proud of you!

The Form 3 classes attended the Bee to support their classmates.

What's New -School Prefect of the Month for September

kelvin    Our School Prefect of the Month for September is Kelvin Caesar who prefects Prep 1O. Kelvin takes his responsibilities as prefect very seriously and attends to his young charges with empathy and diligence. Great work, Kelvin!

Prep 1
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